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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marion County Medical Reserve Corps

How are you activated for a mission or assignment?

E-mail, phone call or text from SERVFL. Radio and TV could possibly be used as back-up.

How do you respond in the SERVL system?

Log-in and respond as available or not available.

When do you report when assigned to a mission?

When assigned and specific instructions are given.

What information will you be given before responding?

How long deployed

Where to go to

When to report and arrive

Who to report to

What to bring

Who to check in with

What personal preparation do you need to make before responding to a mission?

Prepare your own house for storm

Pack your go-bag

Ensure your family is prepared

Contact relatives

Take care of medications and medical needs

Secure your badge and ID

Fuel your vehicle

Take care of your pets

Notify your employer call boss

What would you bring with you on an in-county deployment if you only expected it to last 10 hours? How would that differ from an out of county deployment expected to last for several days?

6–10 hours:


Go bag

Cell phone, charger and alternate power charger

Change of clothing



Hand sanitizer

ID and badge

If wanted, tablets or computers

Mask, gloves and personal protective equipment

Medication you personally need


Fanny Pack



Sleeping bag

Toiletry items/toilet tissue



Important papers in case your home is damaged

Several days

As above plus:

Bug spray

Camping gear if told you will need it

Clothing for time deployed

Non-perishable foods


When do you start preparing for the possibility of a mission request?

Now. Have family plan and go-bag ready

What do you do upon your arrival at duty station/shelter?

Check in and receive assignment